Lead Testing

Lead testing is an investigation that tells if any lead-based paint hazards, which could cause harmful exposure, especially to young children and pregnant women exists in a building, its, severity, and location, including leads in soil and water, with suggested ways to control them. Lead in homes are mostly caused by deteriorating lead-based paints, hence you should carry out lead-based assessment when buying an old building, especially those built before 1974.

Our assessment report provide control options for whatever is discovered, which may be abatement or interim control or a mix of both procedures.

If your choice is to manage the lead-based paint, it will be important for you to inspect regularly to ensure safety and we advise that you hire only lead-safe certified home contractors when any work must be done that may affect lead because they’ll know how to work safely.

At AFEK our experts are licensed, experienced, equipped, skilled and available to help clients inspect, manage and abate lead containing paint and other materials, within stipulated time and budget.