Radon Control

Radon is a radioactive gas produced from the natural decay of uranium, often found in all rocks and soils, sometimes in water also, it is without smell, taste or color. The gas escapes into the air from the ground where it decays to produce radioactive particles. Radon is a concern to everyone as it exists everywhere and cannot be discovered without a specially designed Radon test.Radon can be dangerous when it in large amount enters into a building and becomes trapped. Radon accounts for 3% to 14% of all lung cancer in every country, depending on the radon level and smoking prevalence.

Having observed therefore how dangerous radon can be, here’s how AFEK comes in. We carry out testing to see if radon is beyond the average level in the concerned building. If radon measures above 148 Becquerels per cubic meter we recommend that action must be taken as soon as possible to ensure its reduction by up to 99%.   

AFEK sets up radon mitigation system, using a radon mitigation fan that runs continuously to pull air from the soil and vent it outside through a pipe that ends well above the roof, the process is monitored using a vacuum indicator to observe the running of the system until the radon reaches a harmless limit. After this is done we recommend that a post mitigation test is carried out to ensure that radon is at a safe limit within the home or workspace. The passive system that allows ventilation circulate air through basement and crawlspace may also be employed, depending on the type of building involved, our professionals can help determine, which is most suitable for you.