Residential Tank Sweep

Any tank with at least 10% of its volume underground is considered an underground storage tank, when buying an old house these tanks are often go unnoticed during appraisal and inspection because of how deep they sometimes go and begin to cause problems overtime when moisture in the ground causes decay of the tank material and as a result the leakage of dangerous substance.

At AFEK we make use of a state of the earth equipment to unravel the location of the oil tank because they can be quite difficult to find especially when the pipes above the ground have been removed. Notwithstanding our professionals, make use of sophisticated scanning gadgets to locate where the pipes are.  

A residential tank sweep is recommended when; purchasing an old building, there is oil sheen in ground water, there is a vent/fill pipe, there is an above the ground tank, oil stain spot, dead vegetation around the tank. This sweep is important for anyone who would avoid the risk of environmental damage and an inability to meet mortgage requirement, as owners of such buildings are denied access to loans when that is their pledge.