Sewer Inspection Cleaning

Sewer problems is usually not a thing most people think about until they begin to experience problems that pertains to it, the sinks, toilets and other drainage systems in the home may stop working altogether at once, causing a number of problems including, offensive smell from rotten food items, slow drain or sewage back up. Sewage problems are easily dealt with when recognized earlier, for example, when multiple drains in the home begins to drain water slowly, it is a sign that there might be a clog in the main sewer and it should be handled before things get worse. Sewer problems may occur for different reasons, it could be because there is a clog obstructing flow in the pipe or there could be a damaged or disconnected pipe. Whatever the case is, our professionals carry out a sewer scope inspection using a snake-like camera to unravel the cause.

If a clog is discovered between the pipes, our experts get to action using a rooter sewer cleaning machine that shreds the object causing the obstruction in pieces until flow is allowed again. However in cases where the issue is caused by a damaged pipe or a disconnected one, AFEK carries out a proper repair, which may involve replacing the damaged pipe.